* I did not steal this dog.

* I did not steal this dog.


I stole two dogs in Kindergarten and almost got away with it. You could say I believe in myself.



VCU Brandcenter | 2018

Richmond, VA

M.S. Branding + Art Direction


University of Florida | 2016

Gainesville, FL

B.S. Advertising Minor Innovation



Sweating on purpose

Books with real pages

Fallon NY | Currently

New York, NY

Art Director

Digitas | 2017

San Francisco, CA

Art Direction Intern

+ Had a great view of Alcatraz


Fracture Inc. | 2015

Gainesville, FL

Marketing Intern

+ Downloaded the VCU Brandcenter application


Urban Thread | 2014 + 2015

Gainesville, FL

Senior Sales Associate

+ Formed a hate of clothes hangers