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Bugaboo Strollers

Student Ad Campaign

Bugaboo was the first popular high-end stroller brand. Bugaboo parents have creative and elegant lifestyles that shouldn’t get lost just because they have kids.


Strategy: Parent boldly with Bugaboo.

Concept: Bugaboo makes you want to be a parent.

Tag: Stroll into parenthood. 



Bugaboo print ads appear in high-end architecture, fashion, and design magazines to reach the target of affluent parents.


Out of Home

Billboards placed in shopping plazas frequented by parents.


Stroller Lane

Stroll through outdoor shopping areas in a painless fashion.


9 month savings plan

That wine money has to go somewhere. Put money towards a Bugaboo over a nine month period and get it just in time for the big day. 



Parents will love the stroller inside. Kids will love the oversized box.



Show that they're a Bugaboo kid even when they're out of the stroller.


Bugaboo Trails on Google Maps

Filter search results to find new strolling experiences. Users can share their own and comment on or rate the paths that they’ve traveled.


bumble Integration

For those who want to stroll together.

Activate the Buga-Bumble mode and start swiping to match with parents based on stroller type, lifestyle, and points of interest.

Stroller Talk podcast

For those who want to stroll alone.

Listen while you stroll and hear from like minded parents about trails and parks, as well as tips on making parenting easier.


Hand-Me-Down Program

Refurbishing used strollers and selling them for a discounted price allows any parent to stroll into the Bugaboo community.


Strolled around with: Dominic Johns, Afia Boakye, Jacob Buller